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February Goals 2020

When working on my side projects, I’ve found it’s difficult to avoid distraction (or jumping on the next project just as I’m getting somewhere with the first).

So, in order to keep myself accountable, I’m beginning the practice of detailing a set of measurable, actionable goals for my projects at the start of each month.

The following month, I’ll write up a retrospective of sorts, in which I review the previous month’s goals, determine if they were achieved (and why/why not), then evaluate and draw up a set of goals for the new month.

The approach will be to set goals that are entirely within my control (ie, write x number of blog posts), rather than those which would better be considered side effects of the former (such as acquiring x number of followers). Such desirable side effects will be listed as “Hopeful Outcomes”.


Broadly, these goals will relate to:

  1. Building an audience (twitter,, blog posts here)
  2. Building traffic to, a resume building app I’m building
  3. Building traffic to, an app I’ve developed to provide single use tools for designers and developers.

Building an audience

I currently don’t have any particularly effective way to draw attention and early traffic to the side projects I’m working on. To remedy this, I’m working on building an audience across several platforms:

I’ve been on DEV for a year or so, however I haven’t posted much until recently. However in the last week or so I’ve put up a few blog posts, and have been really happy with the response.

I’ve accumulated about 700 new followers, with a couple of posts receiving over 100 reactions. It also just feels like a generally very supportive community, with a great energy.

I’m hoping to continue my momentum on DEV, and will be aiming to become an active contributor to the community, posting useful technical content. Hopefully a consequence of this will be continued growth in my followers, some of who might find my side projects interesting or useful.

  • Goal: Three quality posts per week

    • Hopeful Outcome: 4000 followers by end of month


I’m a bit of a lurker on Twitter. I retweet occasionally, and post maybe once every couple of months. I currently have ~ 90 followers. Twitter is another platform with a large potential for building an audience.

  • Goal: Post once per day (with a focus on technical tips)

    • Hopeful Outcome: Double twitter followers to ~200 by end of month

I’ll also be cross posting some of my more long-form tutorial content (along with updates on my side projects up here on twosmalltrees.

  • Goal One: Post one long-form technical/tutorial post.
  • Goal Two: Post one update on
  • Goal Three: Post one update on

    • Hopeful Outcome: See some (any) traffic to this blog. It’s pretty much tracking at 0 right now.

Building traffic to

Technical Goals

  • Goal One: Implement Cover Letter Functionality
  • Goal Two: Add two new Resume/Cover Letter Templates

Marketing Goals

  • Goal One: Write three blog posts on, focussing on resume/cover letter writing advice.
  • Hopeful Outcome: Begin to see some organic search traffic
  • Goal Two: Announce new features on and indiehackers.

    • Hopeful Outcome: Uptick in traffic from these sources.
  • Goal Three: Post once every two days on various social accounts (twitter, facebook)

    • Hopeful Outcome: Acquire some number of followers to these accounts.

Building traffic to

Technical Goals

  • Goal One: Implement two new “tools”
  • Goal Two: Make existing tools mobile friendly

Marketing Goals

  • Goal One: Submit tools to 3 sites listing tools such as those I’m building (such as

    • Hopeful Outcome: Uptick in traffic from these sources
  • Goal Two: Announce new tools on and indiehackers

    • Hopeful Outcome: Uptick in traffic from these sources

Check back with me at the end of the month, and we’ll see how things went!